Monday, February 22, 2010


Death!!!!! What it is? What happens after death? Why do young people die? There are so many questions begging for answers. And, nobody has any definitive answers. All the answers are based on assumptions. Only if we know, if we have answers, we can live at peace with ourselves. I have people telling me that GOD needs good people and that's why He takes them away. What does that mean? That there are only bad people on Earth? And I refuse to believe that. I have people telling me that once you complete your work for which you were born, you die. How do we explain the stillborns and the children who die the day they are born?

In fact, I am starting to wonder, Is there any God at all? Because, if there is why is there so much injustice on earth? Why do people kill people in the name of religion? Why some people have more hunger than food while there are others who have more food than hunger? Why young girls get raped? If we all are children of GOD, Why He would let all this happen? Still searching for answers...............