Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Smile because He lived…

It seems like yesterday, yet it has been three years today.

We remember it all. It is all there. Only, Ankit is not. How we wish, we can see him one more time; speak to him one more time; hug him one more time. One more time…

Only, if wishes were the horses…

We try to keep our poise, yet tears roll down our eyes.

We think of the years gone by. Years when we were all together. Years that made us smile. Years that made us laugh. Years that he made memorable.

Ankit’s memories. Him crying at the end of the school day thinking that he has lost his younger brother when he looked all over the place and could not find him; Him smiling and asking her mom why she is not as tall as him; Him telling me that instead of thinking too much, I should just do it; Him consoling me at the passing away of my parents and telling me that one day we all will be together; Him in a heated argument with someone and then a few hours later making plans for a movie with the same person like nothing has happened. Always smiling. Always caring. Always there. For everyone.

Ankit makes us cry and laugh at the same time.

Three long years, this day we said goodbye to Ankit for one last time.

Or did we?

For, he never really left us. Never.  You may not be here Ankit, but you are always with us.

In our thoughts. In our hearts.